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Services / Treatments

Initial Consultation

£45 (60 Minutes)

This includes a consultation of the history of the injury, objective assessments, diagnosing the problem, an explanation of what can be done, specific treatment and rehabilitation programmes.

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Follow-up Treatments

£45 (60 Minutes) / £30 (30 Minutes)

This appointment is after the initial consultation that will carry out treatments and rehabilitation programmes discussed in the consultation. Treatments can range from joint mobilisation, sports massage, soft tissue release, strapping / taping, exercise rehabilitation etc.

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Sports Massage

£45 (60 Minutes) / £30 (30 Minutes)

Specific muscles are targeted using a range of advanced deep tissue massage technique to help relieve muscle pain. Don’t be put off by the “Sports” title, this can be used for the sporting athlete or the general public with day-to-day aches and pains.

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£45 (60 Minutes) / £30 (30 Minutes)

Includes a demonstration and careful supervision of exercises given, indication how many and how often to do them. The early stages of the rehabilitation will be done in-clinic, but should you need to return to sport, the rehabilitation can go to your sporting field, whether that be the golf course or the rugby club, gym etc. The rehabilitation will be specific to you and your aims.

Strapping / Taping


Pre-game, stability or kinesiology taping.

Scar Therapy

£69 (60 Minutes)

Assessment of the scar - how it moves and changes with your movement. Take some measurements. Hands on treatment involved alongside lymphatouch device.

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Cancellation Policy

Occasionally you may need to make changes to your appointments. We do ask that you provide 24hrs notice if you wish to cancel or move your appointment, so please let us know ASAP if you need to re-arrange. You may still be charged a cancellation fee if you provide less than 24 hours notice or do not attended.