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Scar Therapy

Scar Therapy

Here at Injury Solutions Clinic, we understand scars can have an impact both physically and mentally.

Scars can be a reminder of something significant that happened in our lives, some of those can be traumatic.

The function, feeling and appearance of your scar can greatly be improved with having scar therapy.

This can be on ANY type of scar - from C sections, Post operative (hip/knee replacement etc), Cosmetic surgery, Oncology ... the list goes on!

What happens during my appointment?

You will first have an Initial consultation which usually takes around 60 minutes. In this a will be a full assessment of you and your scar. Assess your movements - see how the scar moves and changes as you move. Measure your scar, make note of the colour of your scar and look at what type of scar you have. From this we can target the correct treatment. Treatment usually consists of:

From this first appointment we then decide on the length of your future appointments. During all your appointments, your feelings and needs will constantly be checked upon. You are in control, should you feel uncomfortable with any part of the treatment we can scale it back.

What is lymphatouch?

LymphaTouch is a medical device which produces a negative pressure, or vacuum, on the skin to stimulate lymphatic drainage and treat scars.

Controlling the negative pressure allows us to work with your body to help remove excess fluid from the tissues and improve healing and overall health and well-being. Lympatouch is the gold standard medical device for the management and healing of scars. It breaks down and softens the scar tissue, preventing adhesions.

Benefits of Lymphatouch